Crusty potato boats

images magazine news 2012 pw4 dish sPotatoes fried in butter and a bit of coarse salt and pepper is a delicacy in itself. (more…)

Potato 2050

Anton HaverkortIn 2013 Potato Europe will be organized at Emmeloord in the center of the Netherlands. It´s theme is `The next level`. (more…)

‘GLOBALGAP much easier-to-understand’

images magazine news 2012 pw4 globalgab sThe GLOBALGAP directives have been tightened up with effect from 1 January 2012. (more…)

French edition with European style

images magazine news 2012 pw4 pe2012 sIt was an absolutely brilliant idea to name all internationallyoriented potato shows on the European continent PotatoEurope. (more…)

Ukrainian potato cultivation professionalises

images magazine news 2012 pw4 ukrain sBy investing heavily in new varieties, cultivation methods and storage, the Ukrainian potato sector wants to professionalise further. (more…)

New Restrain generators

Dirk GarosAs of recently, Restrain has marketed the third generation of equipment for sprout inhibition using ethylene. (more…)

New panelling for potato stores

images magazine news 2012 pw4 coillte sCoillte Panel Products is introducing a new type of wall covering for potato stores. (more…)

Patent and breeders’ rights take a step forward

images magazine news 2012 pw4 breeders sRecently, a big step forward was made to change the imbalance in the patent and breeders’ rights, according to breeders’ organisation Plantum in Gouda. (more…)

Greed, arrogance and fear

Sjaak Ermers Director, ErivaDuring the meeting for the Dutch potato sector, the Potato Demonstration Day of 22 August 2012, the potato futures market reached it highest level of the season yet: €24.50. (more…)

Schouten focuses more….

Schouten Sorting Equipment BV Schouten focuses more on export and commerce after 75 years.No funny business, just hard work, the manufacture of solid machinery, sobriety at the office and on the work floor. (more…)

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