The NAO Project Foundation appoints Erwinia researcher

Jenny FokkemaAs from 1 October 2013, the NAO Project Foundation has appointed Ms Jenny Fokkema (22) as researcher for the Demonstration Project and Flanking Erwinia research (DFE).


Innovative Potato Presentation at Jumbo’s

images magazine news 2013 PW2 2013 greydanus sTwo years ago, HZPC started an initiative to change old sales traditions into a more contemporary presentation of potatoes in the supermarkets.


Sustainable lasts longest

Jaap DellemanDutch potato growers want more sustainability in their farm management. The Skylark project has shown them that potato cultivation flourishes best if a cropping plan includes cereals. (more…)

Seed potato grower says goodbye to inspection room

images magazine news 2013 PW2 2013 leeskamer sAfter 25 long winters of manual work in the inspection room, Johannes Sijtsma has decided to outsource his seed inspection.


Research into cisgeneses continues unabated

Professor Evert JacobsenA number of reports have been written recently about cisgeneses that clearly indicate that cisgeneses is as safe as any conventional method of plant breeding. (more…)

Production increase

images magazine news 2013 PW3 2013 jdelleman sIn 2050, we will need twice as much food to feed all the people on earth than we need today.


Straight to work with Crop-R

Ivor BosloperICT company Crop-R run by Ivor Bosloper in Groningen has developed an open data network for the immediate registration and exchange of cultivation and ….


Europe, a nuisance or a necessity?

Kees van ArendonkIf you drive through Brussels in the direction of Wetstraat, you not only see offices of the European Union everywhere, but also those of all kinds of lobbyist organisations. (more…)

Agrico wants to be the largest in the world

 images magazine news 2013 PW3 2013 jvhooern sLet’s start in the Netherlands. How do you think you can achieve an increase in acreage in this country?


Participants choose PBSE course for more knowledge and personal contact

images magazine news 2013 PW2 2013 andreasrusch sThe Potato Business School Emmeloord (PBSE) recently organised another international potato course. 


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