The Next Level (01-2013)

Op 11 en 12 september 2013 zal in Emmeloord PotatoEurope 2013 plaatsvinden. Het thema tijdens de Nederlandse editie van dit toonaangevende internationale aardappelevenement is ‘The Next Level. (more…)

More colour in the sector

Jaap DellemanThe consumption of fresh table potatoes is decreasing in Europe and that’s no secret.


‘Our customers want total solutions: from the field to the supermarket’

Michiel EilanderWhen colours are fading, it’s time for a fresh layer of paint. This doesn’t only apply to the interior but also to the exterior of a building.


Potato sector keenly anticipates growth of Polish supermarkets

images magazine news 2014 pw2 2014 polen sIf you want followers, you’ll have to run faster. This also applies to new sectors in growing economies. A classic example is the rise of supermarkets in Poland. 


Potatoes in a different way

Arwin BosWe as Dutch farmers are world champions in potato growing. We produce the highest yields per hectare, keep diseases under control, and are able to supply potatoes from Dutch soil all year round.


Don’t ask what it costs, but ask what it brings in

images magazine news 2014 pw2 2014 Lothar Moll sDon’t ask what it costs, but ask what it brings in, is the motto of Lothar Moll of the German company Demota.


Butter Group buys 65 low-energy trucks

ButterThe Butter Group recently bought 65 new, Mercedes, Scania and DAF trucks with clean, euro-6 engines.



Anton HaverkortIn December last year – among other countries – Wageningen colleagues and I visited India and were confronted with – for me that is – almost unprecedented occurrence of black scurf causing considerable damage to potato crops.


Interpom 2014: “Together for sustainable growth”

images magazine news 2014 pw2 2014 Interpom 2014 sSustainability, everyone talks about it, but not everyone knows exactly what it means.


Show what you can get

images magazine news 2014 pw2 2014 show sWashington (US) – Show what you can get. This is the message David Fairbourn preaches as communication manager at the United States Potato Board (USPB).


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