Market value of HZPC passes the 100 million euros

At the recently held stock trading day, the HZPC Holland certificate price was set at €136.90. The number of traded certificates was 4,765.


Room for innovative breeding!

Every grower and farmer knows: that the most important things you work with are the forces of nature. It’s fascinating to see how much progress has been made in recent years in the area of breeding.


Danespo CEO Steen Bitsch: ‘Our principal aim is not growth, but stability and profit’

In the short term, Danespo wants to start constructing a brand-new breeding company in Denmark. ‘We can do this as the financially- strong French breeding company Florimond Desprez has now bought 40 percent of the shares in the Danish company’, says CEO Steen Bitsch in an exclusive interview.


Knowledge is very important

I have noticed that the potato has often featured positively in the news lately. Various Internet and other platforms in the Netherlands and abroad, for example, have praised the high quality of the contents of the potato.


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