Invest in basic research

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Holland Innovative Potato (HIP) was founded at the end of 2017.


‘We’ll start as soon as potato packagers go from tons per hour to bags per minute’

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On 1 April, it was 25 years ago that Herman Wehkamp (60) and Peter Lenferink (56) jointly founded Manter in the town of Emmen.


Taking responsibility

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I hope that everyone reading this already knows the slogan ‘Power to the Potato’.


Producers’ Organisation for Ware Potatoes (POC) gets official recognition

The Producers’ Organisation for Ware potatoes (POC), which was set up last spring


Berta Redondo Benito new Europatat Secretary

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As of 1 September, Berta Redondo Benito is the Secretary of the European lobby organisation Europatat.


Chinese Deputy Minister to lead UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

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Qu Dongyu, the Chinese Deputy Minister of Agriculture, was elected as the new head of the Food


Applications for PotatoEurope 2021 get off to a flying start

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On 1 and 2 September 2021, the Dutch-hosted PotatoEurope will no longer take place in Emmeloord


Quality is at the forefront for the Frisian seed potato grower

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On the lean soil above the Frisian village of Oosternijkerk, Yme Meirink grows about 65 hectares of high-quality seed potatoes annually.


‘Policy can only be determined on the basis of science’

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A beautiful and healthy green potato crop. That’s what lobbyist Iris Bouwers likes to see on her own farm.


Dutch grower wants to strengthen his position in the region

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Growing big on Groningen clay. With this slogan, Menko van Zwol and his ‘best-tasting potatoes’ are presented on his website.


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