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‘This product line with accompanying shelves is an example of what we want to introduce under our own name’, Koen van Harteveld explains.

Product marketing, new varieties, sustainable packaging and innovative techniques were the focus of attention at this year’s international Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. During the fair, Team PotatoWorld talked with participating companies about their view on trends in the (packaging) market, sustainability and varieties.

Koen van Harteveld has just started his second working day as Commercial Director of Nedato at Fruit Logistica. He enthusiastically shows a new packaging line on a new shelf. ‘With this shelf, we want to give the potato an authentic look with a modern touch’, the brand-new commercial director explains. ‘The source of inspiration for the new packaging line is the hand-painted advertising posters that are traditionally found on the market. We gave the potato packaging new names that capture the imagination. For example, we have the Allrounders, which you can cook, bake, mash and fry. The Creamy Fellows, which are floury potatoes and the Tough Ones, which are the waxy types. Finally, we also have the Rainbow Potatoes, with a different skin and flesh colour in one bag or tray’, he explains. This introduction is in line with the company’s new strategy that focuses on paying more attention to customers and growth at home and abroad. An important objective of attending Fruit Logistica is even more focus on sales and finding new customers in export and retail, but also in the food service sector. In support of this new direction, we invested last year in a new packaging line for small packaging and this year we’ll be investing substantially in the large packaging department, in order to meet the increasing demand for exports. Van Harteveld told us that, during his career, he has worked for food companies such as Rotie, McCain and Red Bull. ‘At Nedato, we’re in the middle of a transition in which growth in all segments is a priority. We want to develop our own brands. This product line with accompanying shelves is an example of what we want to introduce under our own name’, he explains.

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