Hybrid product range

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‘Between the unprocessed potatoes and the ready product is another new market’, say Peter Quik and Gerrit Oomen.

Product marketing, new varieties, sustainable packaging and innovative techniques were the focus of attention at this year’s international Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. During the fair, Team PotatoWorld talked with participating companies about their view on trends in the (packaging) market, sustainability and varieties.

At Quiks, which is based in Hedel, Peter Quik announces that he sees a trend towards a hybrid product range. ‘This means that, as a supplier, you can deliver both cool-fresh and fresh to customers’, says Quik. ‘Years ago, with all our experience with potatoes, we also started with cool-fresh. We no longer see it as a separate commodity. We’ve noticed that there’s another new market between unprocessed potatoes and the ready product. That’s what we want to develop new products for. We’ve observed that consumers aren’t looking at whether it’s fresh or cool-fresh, but how the potato fits into the desired recipe. That’s what they’ve become used to with the fresh produce packages that are being marketed. It’s important that it’s easy to prepare. That’s why we offer fresh potatoes in a special microwave packaging, for example, but also Air-fryer chips in the refrigerated section’, explain Peter Quik and Gerrit Oomen.  

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