One hundred percent paper

F9 L
The new Jasa packaging consists of 100 percent paper, Denise Bath and Piet Pannekeet explain.

Product marketing, new varieties, sustainable packaging and innovative techniques were the focus of attention at this year’s international Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. During the fair, Team PotatoWorld talked with participating companies about their view on trends in the (packaging) market, sustainability and varieties.

The latest vertical filling machine of the Jasa company from Alkmaar ran with a completely new paper packaging, Bag-2-Paper. Piet Pannekeet and Denise Bath talk enthusiastically about their innovative product. ‘The packaging is made from 100 percent paper, without any plastic coating. It can contain a maximum of 2 kilograms of potatoes, is fastened without sealing and is 100 percent recyclable with your paper waste. Besides this, it looks really attractive’, Pannekeet says enthusiastically. Given the maximum speed of sixty packages per minute, the customers are not losing out on speed.

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