The hospitality industry inspires the supermarket

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According to Michiel Meijering and Danya Smits, consumers are increasingly looking for luxury and convenience.

Product marketing, new varieties, sustainable packaging and innovative techniques were the focus of attention at this year’s international Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. During the fair, Team PotatoWorld talked with participating companies about their view on trends in the (packaging) market, sustainability and varieties.

According to Danya Smits, responsible for marketing, communication and product development at Landjuweel of Uithuizermeeden, consumers are increasingly looking for luxury and convenience. She points out that the younger generation no longer buy 10 kg bags of table potatoes, but small packages for a meal for two people. To make things easier for the consumer, Landjuweel offers the Jazzy variety in a special microwave packaging, in which the potatoes are ready in 7 minutes. ‘As a result, last year’s sales of small-packaged potatoes up to 1.5 kg increased by 9 percent. The sales of larger packages of 4 kg and more fell by 9 percent’, adds account manager Michel Meijering. ‘When we develop products, we also look at the hospitality industry. We’ve noticed that what you see in the hospitality industry you also see in the supermarket. An example is the potato twister. When people know such products well enough, it’s time to start developing family packaging and making the translation to the consumer. We’ve done this now by making a potato twister package for the supermarkets. We expect to be able to sell this twister around the holidays, with a retail value of between 4 and 5 euros. Keywords here are speed, convenience, special presentation and, of course, taste. That fits in with the general trends. What we see is that people have less time and only decide what they’re going to eat once they’re in the shop. That means you have to do more to convince the customer. You have to surprise them on the shop floor. Your communication on the packaging is very important. You don’t just buy a bag of potatoes, it’s the basis for a dish’, Smits concludes.

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