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PW2 omslag 8cm

Product marketing, new varieties, sustainable packaging and innovative techniques were the focus of attention at this year's international Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. During the fair, Team PotatoWorld talked with participating companies about their view on trends in the (packaging) market, sustainability and varieties.


Partly on account of the exhibition organisation’s focus on sustainability, the Silbo Company, with its Bobasket compostable potato packaging, has been nominated for the 2020 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. Justyna Konsek tells us that the plastic of the packaging is made of corn starch. She says that the new product is a certified compostable and environmentally-friendly, solvent-free packaging. With the help of flexo technology, the water-based links can be printed on a wide range of plastics. The attractive packaging can be used on most vertical packaging machines. The company ultimately received the silver medal from the Innovation Award jury for this innovation.



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