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Agrico aims to double the volume of seed potatoes by 2030

June 2021

It is quiet in Agrico’s head office in Emmeloord. Despite the rush of the spring shipments, most people are working from home due to the corona pandemic from his office on the second floor of the building, managing director Jan van Hoogen has a good view of the cooperative’s quality centre. After a period of illness, Van Hoogen has been working 100 percent again for some months now the reshaping the Agrico 2030 strategy. Agrico wants to double the volume of seed potatoes by 2030 compared to the year 2018, grow in market share of ware potatoes, cultivate good varieties for the future, obtain a stronger image, pursue a more robust CSR policy and modernise its business operations with modern ICT systems. ‘The recent launch of our Agrico Potatoes online platform is an example of this’, Van Hoogen explains.

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