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Grip on own data brings benefits of precision farming to the grower

June 2022

Much is expected from precision farming both inside and outside the potato sector. The term is often mentioned in the same breath as a sustainable future for potato cultivation. But precision farming is more than a future perspective. It’s being researched, experimented with and innovated around the world. Several growers have also been using precision techniques for some time now. Dr Corné Kempenaar of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) already did his first haulm-killing test in 1999 to make decision rules for Variable Rate Applications (VRA). As a senior researcher in precision farming, he is the right man to interpret the current status of precision farming and where it will lead the sector ‘When the grower is in charge of his own data, he has the power to make the customer pay extra for more environmentally-friendly grown potato cultivation’, predicts Kempenaar.

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