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Sustainability will soon be better known than DuRPh

April 2024

‘It is all in the game’, said the well-known Dutch poet Bredero, when things didn’t go as they should. Anton Haverkort (59), a scientist at Plant Research International (PRI) and since recently, Professor of crop and soil sciences at the University of Pretoria (SA), knows a thing or two about that. For example, the agronomists in the world don’t only preach to the converted, but they share their findings openly with each other. The European Association for Potato Research (EAPR), which was founded over fifty years ago, and which Haverkort now co-directs, is a striking example. Moreover, the understanding of scientific matters is subject to change like everything else. The professor now dares say aloud that his latest efforts in the domain of sustainability will soon be more widely-known that the DuRPh project he is currently leading. And don’t forget the scientist himself, who no longer only focuses on pursuing research, but is also a teacher and a consultant.

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