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Danespo strengthens its position in Scandinavia thanks to a deal with the French Danespo CEO Steen Bitsch: ‘Our principal aim is not growth, but stability and profit’

September 2016

In the short term, Danespo wants to start constructing a brand-new breeding company in Denmark. ‘We can do this as the financially-strong French breeding company Florimond Desprez has now bought 40 percent of the shares in the Danish company’, says CEO Steen Bitsch in an exclusive interview. This completes the biggest task in the lengthy reorganisation. The ultimate aim of this strategic step is to start playing a key role in all the Scandinavian countries in the broad operating domain of the potato. At the same time, with the sale of the shares, the market position in Northern France is considerably strengthened. And he is already keen to give away the next move: in addition to a Danespo Holland and a Danespo France, there will soon also be a Danespo Sweden.

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