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Plantera pays better for its desired seed potato sizes

September 2018

Since the formation of their company, Gerard Bovée and Jeroen van Soesbergen of Plantera, the seed potato trading company in Marknesse, have focused entirely on varieties for the table market. This, however, is ‘a real niche market, which is under pressure’, they’ve observed right from the start. When they got the opportunity to take over Stet Holland’s French-fry variety Bafana last year, they seized it with both hands. When you look at the acreage and the bacterial sensitivity of this variety, it might seem like a strange decision, says Bovée. However, by cultivating and marketing it in a different way, whereby both seed and consumption potato growers are getting better value for money, they still foresee market opportunities for the variety. ‘We’re going to pay a better price for the desired seed potato, in order to reward the growers for better tuber quality and quantity.

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