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The P of Planting stock

October 2019

The recently published Potato Handbook, written by Professor Anton Haverkort, covers in around six hundred pages all conceivable aspects that relate to the potato. Never before has a unique and complete reference book about the nutritious tuber been published, intended for everyone in the world who works with the potato in any way whatsoever and/or wants to know more about it. In order to establish a clear line in the format of the extensive manual, Haverkort has used the formula S ociety x P lant = P lanting material x E nvironment x C ultivation as a guideline. This brings together all the factors related to the potato. To give a first impression of all the information that the Potato Handbook has to offer, in a few consecutive editions of Potato World magazine you will find a very brief summary of each chapter in the column ‘Potato Handbook’. Last month, chapter 2 was discussed, this time you can read two instructive excerpts from Chapter 3 about ploidy level and crossing varieties with a different number of chromosomes.

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