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Growers in the Middle East are looking ahead

June 2024

The Arab Spring affects all countries in the Middle East. Although some countries are affected more than others, the consequenc­es are visible everywhere. Including in the Lebanon and in Jordan to which we recently trave led with the five seed potato growers from the Advisory Board of trading company Stet Holland, Unrest and uncertainty are hittin­g people, nature and the economy. And yet, the population of both countries is also looking ahead. They are accustomed to the pressure and have been through a lot. What holds out against the violence, must remain in operation, is the motto. This also applies to the cultivation of, potatoes. It is special to see that this is, in fact, developing in a positive way. The area is expanding and growers are working energetically to improve and expand their range of varieties. What’s more, all eyes are focused on Dutch seed.

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