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The E of Environment

November 2019

The recently published Potato Handbook, written by Professor Anton Haverkort, covers in around six hundred pages all conceivable aspects that relate to the potato. Never before has a unique and complete reference book about the nutritious tuber been published, intended for everyone in the world who works with the potato in any way whatsoever and/or wants to know more about it. In order to establish a clear line in the format of the extensive manual, Haverkort has used the formula S ociety x P lant = P lanting material x E nvironment x C ultivation as a guideline. This brings together all the factors related to the potato. To give a first impression of all the information that the Potato Handbook has to offer, in a few consecutive editions of Potato World magazine you will find a very brief summary of each chapter in the column ‘Potato Handbook’. Last time Chapter 3 was discussed, this time we will publish two short and topical excerpts from chapter 4.

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