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Roasted vegetables from the Air fryer

June 2022

Snacks from the air fryer are less fatty and still delicious. They can also be healthier! Firm vegetables, or pre-cooked vegetable leftovers from the day before, go well in the air fryer. Together with a rustic farmer’s loaf and herb butter and one or two other spreads, you have a hearty meal.

Main course, serves 2. Preparation time 25 minutes.

• 2 eggs
• 2 big floury potatoes
• 1 large parsnip
• 1 large carrot
• sunflower oil
• 150 ml Greek yogurt (10% fat)
• 1 teaspoon of curry
• ½ teaspoon of curcuma
• 1 tablespoon of ginger syrup
• 50 grams of salted smoked almonds

Put the eggs in the air fryer and cook them for 15 minutes at 130°C. Turn them halfway through. Plunge the eggs in cold water after cooking.
Meanwhile, peel the potato, parsnip and carrot. Cut all the vegetables into 1 cm thick ‘fries’.
First steam the carrot for 4 minutes in a covered colander over boiling water. Add the potato and steam for another 3 minutes. Then add the parsnip and steam for another 3 minutes. Leave the vegetables briefly for the steam to evaporate. Put them in a bowl with 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil and salt and coarsely ground pepper. Mix through briefly. Place the vegetables in the air fryer preheated to 200°C and roast them for 10 minutes until nicely golden brown. Meanwhile, whip the yogurt, curry, turmeric, and ginger syrup into a sauce and season with salt and pepper. Coarsely chop the almond nuts. Cut the egg into wedges.
Place the roasted vegetables on the plates. Sprinkle with the almonds. Garnish with the egg wedges and serve with the sauce.

Tip: Delicious with fresh basil or marjoram.

Ingrid van den Arend, Cook it!


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