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‘You know, we’re an all-rounder as far as potatoes are concerned. We breed varieties, grow and sell ware potatoes, and peel them for the production of a wide range of fresh potato products. The common denominator is the Agria variety. Agria is a variety that can be used in a wide range of processing products. It just fits really well in our entire range of Poldergoud products. Its flesh, colour, shape and taste are excellent. You can fry it well. If it comes to cooking properties, there’s nothing better. So we have no complaints about the user qualities. But in other areas, the variety has its disadvantages. For example, cultivation is expensive. It multiplies badly, as a result of which the cost price of ware cultivation is relatively high. This year, we’ll again be confronted with another disadvantage and that’s its late maturity. A wet autumn means an increased harvest risk. In addition, they’re sometimes difficult to store, although many loyal Agria growers have now mastered this quite well. Then there’ll be a few more problems for next year, such as the veto on the haulm killer Reglone and the sprout inhibitor Chlor-IPC. Two products that made it possible to have Agria available almost all year round. What we’ve urgently been looking for is a replacement for this variety that’s so very important to us. From what I’m saying, you can see that its importance is only increasing year after year. It’s a pity that we still haven't found that Agria-plus. What we do have is a summer variant, the Aromata. This is an Agria look-alike that we harvest from the beginning of July until the end of September and process immediately. We’ll continue to search for a successor that’s storable long-term until we’ve found the right one. That’s our focus.’





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