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Last month I was on a holiday in Scotland and there I had a meal in a local pub. With the meal I had homemade French Fries, large and with a skin. Normally I like Fries this way especially when the are prepared in a proper way. However these fries were dark brown and had a very sweet taste. Potato specialists would say too much reducing sugars in the potato and that the brown color was caused by the maillard reaction during the frying process. In this reaction reducing sugars an amino acids react an give the fries a brown color and a sweet taste. Not only the taste is off, also acrylamide is formed which is known as carcinogenic so not really good for your health. The high level of reducing sugars can have a lot of reasons but in my experience it is often the result of bad storage, the potatoes have been too old or too cold. When I asked the waiter how the potatoes were stored, he told me that they were stored in the refrigerator, so in this case to cold.


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