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As the publisher of leading industry magazines PotatoWorld and Aardappelwereld magazine, Aardappelwereld BV also publishes knowledge-enhancing books focusing on the potato. These books do not just make for a great business gift, they can also be an essential part of your Christmas gift. Therefore, PotatoWorld has put together several educational and professionally oriented Christmas gifts, offered at an attractive price.



This year more than ever, knowledge sharing is essential. With a special Christmas gift from PotatoWorld, the knowledge platform of the potato industry, companies can make a nice gesture to their employees and partners for their commitment and flexibility during the turbulent year 2020 has been.


English and multilingual Christmas packages

As the books published by PotatoWorld are multilingual, you may expect to find several language books in this year’s Christmas packages as well.

  • Christmas gift 1 consists of the Potato Handbook and Potato Breeding Book in English, and can be found here.
  • Christmas gift 2 consists of three editions of the Potato Breeding Book, in English, Chinese and Dutch. You may find this package here.


Dutch Christmas packages

In case you want to surprise your Dutch employee, colleague or partner with a good load of potato knowledge, you can consider the Dutch language Christmas:

  • “Kerstpakket 1” consists of three Dutch books: Aardappel Handboek, Aardappel Ziektenboek and Aardappel Kweekboek. When you order this package, you will receive a book full of potato recipes, the Aardappel-kookboek of a value of 15 euro, for free. Find this package here.
  • “Kerstpakket 2” consists of three Dutch, potato-focused books: Van aardappel tot friet, Die gewone aardappel and De wereld van het Aardappelonderzoek. When you order this package, you will receive a book full of potato recipes, the Aardappel-kookboek of a value of 15 euro, for free. This package can be found here.


You can find all our books and special packages in our English webshop and/or Dutch webshop.


In case you are interested in buying large quantities of any of our books or packages, you can contact our sales department for a competitive quote by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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