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Agrico highlights varieties Palace and Levante in run-up to Potato Variety Days 2022

November 01, 2022

For this year’s edition of the annual Potato Variety Days, Agrico’s spotlight varieties are Palace and Levante.

Every year Agrico selects a number of varieties that warrant extra attention. ‘These “spotlight varieties” are young, innovative varieties, that are currently taking the market by storm and are already highly valued by our customers, based on the initial deliveries’, the breeding company explains. ‘Palace is a variety with an exceptionally high yield and excellent dry matter content for processing into French fries. The skin quality is beautiful. Due to an extremely high efficiency, low amounts of nutrients and water are needed. In short, a future-proof variety’, states Commerce Coordinator Peter Oldenkamp. ‘Levante is the environmentally friendly potato with a particularly nice presentation. A combination of high net yield and excellent size distribution for retail in Europe. Suitable for various methods of preparation’, he adds.

Sustainable potato cultivation

In the run-up to the event, Agrico emphasizes that changing (climatic) conditions, world population growth and changing consumer demands mean that continuous research and breeding work are important, both for today and for the future. The largest part of this increased demand will have to be met by improving potato value chains, technology and innovations in plant breeding. ‘Around the world, there is an increasing demand for professionally, successfully and sustainably cultivated potatoes. The breeding objectives at Agrico are aimed at developing varieties to meet the specific needs of growers, the processing industry and consumer demand, both now and in the future and around the world’, the company adds.

Potato Variety Days 2022 e-book

In November, companies participating in the Potato Variety Days put the spotlight on their potato varieties of the future. Learn all the ins and outs of this year’s event in our special e-book, including need-to-know information and an up-to-date list of participating companies. We also ask all potato professionals to let us know what they find the most important topic(s) when it comes to breeding the potato varieties of the future. Don’t forget to write down your answer to this question when you fill in the form to download our free e-book!


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