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Agrico uses online platform to present growing Next Generation range

April 01, 2021

Agrico recently announced that from March 25, the cooperative is sharing the innovation of its sustainable Next Generation varieties on its online Agrico Potatoes platform.

The company’s Next Generation range as a whole has grown from approximately 1,000 tons in 2018 to 15,000 tons of planned production from Dutch seed potatoes in 2021.

Permanent variety presentation

Agrico commercial director Wieger van der Werff.

In November last year, the meetings with business relations from all over the world that usually happen during the Variety Show at Agrico in Emmeloord could not take place. ‘We have invested heavily in a digital platform to compensate for this. In doing so, we have chosen a permanent variety presentation’, commercial director Wieger van der Werff told PotatoWorld magazine back then. The platform has now been relaunched to share the latest insights regarding Agrico’s Next Generation varieties.

Contributing to sustainability with high Phytophthora resistance

Five years after Agrico brought its first Next Generation potato variety Carolus to the market, there are now nine different varieties with high Phytophthora resistance in the Next Generation range: Carolus, Alouette, Levante, Twinner, Twister, Nofy, Ardeche and the latest additions, Beyonce and Jacky. These varieties offer protection against main potato disease Phytophthora infestans with fewer crop protection agents having to be used, thereby contributing to sustainable potato cultivation. ‘The added value of these sustainable varieties is becoming increasingly evident’, states Agrico. Varieties for all different segments are being added to the range and the scope of international cultivation is increasing in volume.

Transparent and improving results

Because of the production growth of Agrico’s Next Generation Range, the results of these varieties are becoming more transparent and are improving. ‘Thanks to this knowledge acquired and exchanged concerning all fields throughout the world, we see an increase in yield and demand for these varieties. Large industries are also buying these varieties more often, because this is the path to sustainable use of natural resources for our future generations’, the cooperation explains. As the scope of the Next Generation range broadens, growers can choose to grow multiple varieties with different resistance genes in combination, to spread the risk of crop loss. Youngest variety, Beyonce, which was recently allowed to join the variety list, is a variety that, depending on the Phytophthora prevalence and the virulent strains in a particular year, can boast several defense mechanisms against potato blight.


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