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Plenary session for aiding Ukrainian potato industry on programme WPC 2022

April 08, 2022

The organisation of the World Potato Congress (WPC) 2022 in Ireland announced that a timeslot in the plenary programme will be scheduled to focus on aiding the Ukrainian potato industry.

On humanitarian grounds, the Irish Local Organising Committee (LOC) of WPC 2022, to be held from May 30 – June 2 in Dublin, is giving a plenary presentation slot to the Polish Potato Federation (PPF) to help the stakeholders of the Ukrainian potato industry, LOC chairperson Liam Glennon tells us.

Potatoes for the population

‘Our Polish colleagues know the Ukrainian industry stakeholders very well and the PPF is geographically best placed to coordinate support for Ukraine from the European potato industry and even further afield’, says Glennon. ‘On humanitarian grounds, we have to do this’, he adds, explaining that the PFF will coordinate aid in the form of potatoes for the civilian population and seed potatoes for farmers and agricultural organizations. The PFF announced it is preparing a Polish-Ukrainian stand during WPC 2022, mentioning that it has been agreed upon that the Polish and the Ukrainian potato industry will perform together in the international arena and enable contact and meetings with Ukrainian producers.

Inspire people

The organisation’s focus on current global affairs is in line with this year’s congress theme, ‘The Changing World of the Potato’. Within the framework of five central subthemes (Business, Innovation & research, Health & nutrition, Development and Sustainability), over sixty speakers across various industry sectors have been confirmed to hold presentations during the event. ‘An important goal of WPC 2022 is to inspire people to consume more potatoes. It is important to emphasize the health and nutritional value of the tubers. Professor Katherine Beals will give a fascinating introduction to this subject. Another important trend is sustainability. Speakers will highlight new developments in this area, such as the Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy. Obviously, innovation will be an important subject too, with Professor Damien McLoughlin for example presenting the new concept of the Smart Supermarket and indicating what the potato sector can learn from this’, Glennon enthusiastically names some of the speakers and subjects on the programme.


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