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Collective ‘Miss Tata’ brand visible on Portuguese potato packaging for the first time

June 04, 2021

Portuguese Potato Association Porbatata recently launched their new ambassador Miss Tata’s first campaign to promote Portuguese potatoes.

To make it easier for consumers to identify the product’s origin, producer-members of the Portuguese association will use the Miss Tata brand on their packaging. This marks the first time that the collective brand, created by Porbatata, will be visible on the packaging.

Boost exports

After Porbatata introduced Miss Tata as the proud ambassador of Portuguese potatoes in November 2020, this is the first time the Miss Tata brand will reach the market. Additionally, Porbatata has run a Miss Tata marketing initiative in European specialised media, particularly in Spain, the Netherlands and France, to spread the word about the collective brand of Portuguese potatoes and boost exports. “Porbatata’s mission is to promote Portuguese potatoes and this campaign uses the Miss Tata collective brand to communicate with consumers in a more personal way”, says Sérgio Ferreira, president of Porbatata. Miss Tata was created by Porbatata to promote Portuguese potatoes, personalising this notable product in international cuisine. “Not only are Portuguese potatoes fresh, new, just harvested and linked to a healthy diet, they are also noted for being one of the first potatoes in Europe to reach the market”, the association states in a press release.

Promoting Portuguese Potatoes in Foreign Markets

In 2020, Portuguese potato exports amounted to over 18 million euros and the European Union was the main destination market. Spain The country that buys the most Portuguese potatoes is Spain, accounting for 48% of exports from Portugal, in value terms. Promoting the product internationally is part of the project for Promoting Portuguese Potatoes in Foreign Markets, supported by Portugal 2020 under the Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme.


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