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UK manufacturer to launch latest innovations into the United States

December 30, 2022

UK vegetable handling equipment manufacturer Haith recently announced it will be launching its Mobile Water Treatment System and PRO-Sort mobile optical grader into the United States at North America’s largest potato industry trade show, Potato Expo.

‘We are very excited about Potato Expo 2023 and are really looking forward to introducing our growing range of mobile washing, grading and water treatment systems to the United States’, says Sales Manager Rob Highfield.

Washing and grading innovations

Haith Group has been designing and supplying innovative solutions for farmers, packers and food manufacturers for over 75 years. During Potato Expo, the manufacturer will be showcasing two washing and grading innovations. ‘When we exhibited at Interpom in Europe at the end of 2022, the solutions were incredibly well received. With US growers and food producers facing similar issues to those in Europe, we expect a similar reception at Potato Expo 2023’, Highfield notes.

Overcoming issues for overseas customers

Haith Water Treatment System on the road.

Visitors will be introduced to Haith’s Mobile Water Treatment System, which can be used on-farm or production factories. Haith explains that by now it has installed numerous water treatment systems in the UK and Europe, but complicated planning processes and transportation costs have often deterred American companies. To overcome the issues facing potential overseas customers, the company has launched a new, modular system. ‘The plant splits into multiple units for easy transportation by low loaders without special permits, and it can be assembled in less than two days using forklifts or a crane. Once connected to a wash system, the dirty water flows into the Haith Mobile Water Treatment System, with a screen separating larger organic matter from the water. The effluent is then pumped to a lamella settler which separates the soil from the water. The sludge drops to the bottom of the tank, from where it is pumped to a dewatering filterpress on the opposite side of the unit. The resulting soil cake can then be conveyed into a skip or soil trailer. Treated water is fed into a storage tank for returning to the process or discharge to sewer’, Haith explains.

Highly accurate optical sorter

Haith PRO-Sort.

The second innovation featured during Potato Expo is the PRO Sort, a joint project with GRIMME UK. ‘This mobile optical sorter automates the removal of stone, clod and foreign debris from potatoes and helps growers cope with labour shortages. At the heart of the machine is a TOMRA 3A optical sorter which is capable of handling up to 100 tonnes per hour with high levels of accuracy. The TOMRA 3A employs Near Infra-Red multi-spectral sensors for an unobstructed assessment of every object ‘in flight’, seamlessly identifying between potatoes and foreign material. As well as debris, the 3A’s colour sensors can also detect green potatoes, which like the debris, are removed at the end of the conveyor belt by intelligent finger ejectors. As the PRO Sort is a modular unit, it can be used in the field or on a farm and easily integrated into a new or existing grading line.’

Bringing together value chain partners from around the world

Haith, exhibiting at stand 519, will be one of more than 170 exhibitors in attendance at Potato Expo 2023. The trade show is hosted by the National Potato Council (NPC) and takes place on January 4-5 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Aurora, Colorado. At the upcoming edition, Potato Expo will celebrate its 15th anniversary and bring together growers, suppliers, industry experts, and value chain partners from around the world for two days of learning, business development, and networking.


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