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Harvesting crop insight tool ready to debut in North America

December 19, 2022

Precision agriculture technology HarvestEye will showcase its machine learning driven insights at North America’s largest potato industry trade show Potato Expo, strategically aiming to grow its presence in the leading potato growing states.

‘Potato Expo will elevate HarvestEye’s visibility in the North American potato growing market among leading precision agriculture and agri-tech innovation firms working towards a more efficient and sustainable future of farming’, says Charlie Flack, general manager at HarvestEye.

Elevate visibility in North America

HarvestEye’s patented technology provides timely insights on root crops as they are lifted –  presenting growers with valuable information on the size and count over the whole field instead of conventional sampling. Earlier this year, the agri-tech company announced to be looking to bolster its operations in the UK and abroad. ‘We are continuing to grow our international presence and deepen our understanding of the everchanging global potato landscape. Events like Potato Expo provide insights that can help with our research and development to evolve the capabilities of HarvestEye’, explains Flack. ‘Potato Expo will be HarvestEye’s first venture into North America and presents a fantastic opportunity to network with businesses across potato supply chains. It will enable us to better understand market trends and showcase the actionable insights that HarvestEye places into the hands of growers’, he adds.

Monitoring tool to maximize yield

‘HarvestEye has enormous implications for growers seeking better monitoring tools for crop variability to maximize yield. We recognize that farmers across the continent operate in different climates and grow different varieties, so Potato Expo will better our understanding of the varying demands of the North American market – enabling our team to tailor HarvestEye to meet grower specifications’, Flack elaborates. Fitting to existing harvesting equipment, HarvestEye presents itself as a low-cost method to achieve targeted agronomic performance of root crops, currently compatible with potatoes and onions. Data collected by the product is delivered to an online portal. ‘HarvestEye’s timely insights aim to enhance planning alignment of stocks to customers, which in turn helps to enhance supply chain confidence by meeting produce expectations, maximizing returns for all parties through reduced wastage and increased efficiency’, the company explains.

Over 170 exhibitors

HarvestEye, exhibiting at stand 1102, will be one of more than 170 exhibitors in attendance at Potato Expo 2023. The trade show is hosted by the National Potato Council (NPC) and takes place on January 4-5 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Aurora, Colorado. At the upcoming edition, Potato Expo will celebrate its 15th anniversary and bring together growers, suppliers, industry experts, and value chain partners from around the world for two days of learning, business development, and networking.


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