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HZPC UK acquires TLC Potatoes to strengthen market position

May 11, 2023

HZPC UK, a member of the Royal HZPC Group, recently announced the acquisition of TLC Potatoes, one of Scotland’s leading minituber producers. The potato breeding and seed potato production company describes this acquisition as a further step to strengthen its position in the market, while securing the future of HZPC’s minituber production.

HZPC states that TLC Potatoes has been at the forefront of the Scottish seed potato industry and is known for their commitment to quality and innovation. ‘TLC Potatoes has been a trusted partner of HZPC UK, producing high-quality minitubers of HZPC’s varieties, for many years. This acquisition takes the relationship to the ultimate level, thereby ensuring continuity and reliability of seed supply for HZPC’s customers’, a statement reads.

Investing in infrastructure and technology

Colin Blackhall of TLC Potatoes and Richard Baker of HZPC UK shake hands.

HZPC UK expresses to be committed to investing in the infrastructure and technology at TLC Potatoes, further enhancing production capabilities and maintaining their development trajectory as Scotland’s leading minituber producer. HZPC UK also plans to continue to drive seed quality through short generation multiplication programs, to further enhance the quality and performance of the seed potatoes produced from TLC’s minitubers. Furthermore, this acquisition will enable HZPC UK to benefit from TLC Potatoes’ expertise and bring new varieties from their research facilities in the Netherlands to market more quickly. This will benefit potato growers across Scotland, England and Wales, at a critical time of increasing demand for genetic solutions to the challenges of potato production, the company believes.

Smooth transition

‘We are excited to welcome the TLC Potatoes team into the Royal HZPC Group’, said Richard Baker, Director at HZPC UK. ‘They have built a great reputation for producing industry leading quality minitubers. We are confident that this acquisition will bring benefits to our business, by further strengthening our offering to customers’, he adds. Colin Blackhall, the current owner of TLC Potatoes, is delighted that HZPC has decided to commit their considerable resources in acquiring a vital cornerstone of seed potato production. ‘HZPC UK has a great reputation for forward thinking and with this addition they are moving on to an even higher level’, he states.


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