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Many benefits attending the World Potato Congress 2024

June 03, 2024

This month, the World Potato Congress will be held in Adelaide Australia.  This will be the 12th World Potato Congress event since the inception of the organization over 30 years ago, says Ellen Kouwenberg, Executive Director, World Potato Congress Inc.

There are many benefits to attending the World Potato Congress. Networking opportunities build relationships and lead to collaboration and partnerships.  Learning opportunities exist through presentations covering a wide range of topics related to production including agronomy, genetics, sustainability, and market trends. These sessions deepen our understanding of the global potato industry and provide practical insights for improving potato practices. Understanding demand patterns and emerging markets assists in developing business strategies and helps identify growth opportunities. 

During the trade exhibitions, delegates are exposed to new products and technologies. The Congress often showcases cutting edge technology, machinery, and products related to farming, processing, and packaging.  Exploring these exhibits can help  discover new tools or techniques and enhance your operations.

In the days prior to, and following the Congress, there is always opportunity to experience the culture of the region, attend field days, and explore the local potato production areas.

“Beyond the benefits of attending the Congress is the opportunity for the Congress to have a significant impact on global food security.” says WPC President Peter VanderZaag, “ The Congress brings together a diverse group from 60 countries to share and learn the latest innovations. It’s a great opportunity to develop relationships and enriches all who participate.”

And the benefits are truly global.  The Congress in China launched the country’s Stable Foods Strategy. The impact of that allowed for poverty alleviation in the poor mountain regions of China, increasing the productivity and profitability of growing potatoes.

The 2022 Congress in Dublin resulted in the launch of the Declaration of Dublin, which fosters partnerships to improve potato productivity in food  insecure areas of our world.

For more information on the Congress and what is in store for you from June 23-26 in Adeliade, Australia, check out the link  at   Hope to see you “down under”,  “Where Old World Meets New”.


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