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In-depth video: Markers and models for an increased potato yield

November 24, 2021

When it comes to potato cultivation, yield is of great importance. Therefore, any research focusing on increasing yields in potatoes creates high expectations.

To create the conditions for The Netherlands to maintain this status of being the prime potato innovation country in the world and to explore and implement improved sustainability in the potato production chain, Holland Innovative Potato (HIP) was established in 2017. This public-private research is an initiative of major actors from the full Dutch potato value chain, and faces pre-competitive challenges in research.

In PotatoWorld magazine issue 4 of 2021, we guide you through the part of the HIP project that researches Markers And Models for Yield: MAMY. This research focuses on optimizing or maintaining the yield potential of the potato. In our in-depth article Dr. Christian Bachem, Research Scientist at the Laboratory of Plant Breeding at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), explains what the MAMY-researchers are working on and what they have have discovered so far.

In a video made for the HIP-project, Bachem takes a closer look at a specific part of the MAMY project, namely the importance and mapping of the genes that influence earliness.

View the in-depth video here:

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