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Meijer Potato: ‘Robust potato varieties essential to provide growing population with healthy food’

October 20, 2022

‘We believe everybody deserves to enjoy food. Breeding robust potato varieties is essential to provide a growing world population with healthy food in the face of climate change’, Meijer Potato states.

The breeding company makes this statement in the run up to the Potato Variety Days 2022, where they will highlight their robustness index, launched to objectively compare the robustness of varieties. ‘We have included seven items in our robustness index: marketable yield, climate and soil adaptation, storability, fertilizer efficiency, crop protection efficiency and water efficiency. The potato variety characteristics used are based on data that has been collected in our breeding program for years’, the company explains.

Robust varieties for different markets

During the upcoming Potato Variety Days (November 9-11, 2022), Meijer Potato presents its robust potato varieties for different markets: ‘Table potato Acoustic is suitable for both conventional and organic cultivation. This variety easily produces a high marketable yield in different climates and on different soil types, is resistant against Phytophthora and needs at least 25 percent less fertilizer input. Crisping variety Lady Alicia has good storage qualities, can be processed year round and produces a high marketable yield and high dry matter content in different climates and on different soil types. French fry variety Lady Jane is recognized for its strong resistance against Phytophthora. This variety has a robust plant – also in dry weather circumstances. The tuber quality remains well at high temperatures in the field. Furthermore, this variety has good storage traits and maintains an excellent frying colour throughout the storage period.’

Potato Variety Days 2022 e-book

In November, companies participating in the Potato Variety Days put the spotlight on their potato varieties of the future. Learn all the ins and outs of this year’s event in our special e-book, including need-to-know information and an up-to-date list of participating companies. We also ask all potato professionals to let us know what they find the most important topic(s) when it comes to breeding the potato varieties of the future. Don’t forget to write down your answer to this question when you fill in the form to download our free e-book!


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