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Newly available: PotatoWorld’s Encyclopédie Pratique de la Pomme de Terre

December 03, 2020

A new book has arrived/Un nouveau livre est arrive: Encyclopédie Pratique de la Pomme de Terre!

After the success of the Dutch and English versions of the Potato Handbook, publisher PotatoWorld has recently launched a French edition. In this comprehensive new book, the complete collection of potato knowledge by Professor Anton Haverkort is combined with the extensive expertise of Dr. Catherine Chatot. Both authors have expertise in the practical field as well as the scientific field, have each published in their field and have been involved in public and private research at the service of the potato chain.

Five fully elaborated chapters

This Encyclopédie Pratique de la Pomme de Terre, richly illustrated with over a thousand photos and many hundreds of diagrams and graphs, comprises a total of five fully elaborated chapters divided into clear paragraphs and is provided with an index. The first chapter of the newly translated book deals with people who consume potatoes, create economic value and set up related organizations. Chapter two is based on the plant, its growth, how it uses sun, water and mineral resources and how it defends itself against diseases and pests. In the third chapter, the Encyclopédie gives an overview of the propagation material with both a genetic and a seed material component. All aspects of the crop in its environment of soil and weather in various climates as well as the influence of climate change is described in the fourth chapter. In conclusion, chapter five deals with the cultivation and storage of the tubers with all the equipment and organization involved.


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