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New potato based alternative for dairy based foods on the way

October 01, 2021

New player in the growing market for plant-based foods The Simple Root recently announced its UK-launch of potato based dairy alternative later this year.

The McCain Foods backed brand uses unique IP technology developed in partnership with the fast-moving consumer goods company, to create the taste and texture of dairy using potatoes and other root vegetables, herbs and spices. McCain calls this a key addition to its ‘continued investment in innovation’.

Global rollout to follow

The Simple Root will offer a range of dairy alternative products, including cooking sauces, dips and cheese alternatives. With a global rollout across key markets to follow, the range includes versatile cooking sauces such as bechamel, truffle and cheese, and pesto, cream ‘cheeze,’ and a range of dips such as roasted garlic and herb and smoky chipotle. ‘All products are produced with minimal processing, a low carbon footprint and locally sourced ingredients’, the announcement release states.

Growing demand

Consumer demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy is growing rapidly and showing no sign of slowing, with the value of UK plant-based market estimated to be worth over 600 million pound. The Simple Root uses innovative technology to transform potatoes and other root vegetables into the creamy taste and texture essential to several dairy based products, without artificial flavours and allergens such as dairy, nuts, soy and eggs. The technology to create this patented ingredient base was developed in collaboration with McCain Foods and Pilot Lite Capital.

Exciting new space

‘We are always looking for ways to make our delicious products better for consumers and better for our planet, and the plant-based dairy alternative category is an exciting new space for the business’, said Mark Hodge, Marketing Director for McCain.

Game changing range

Louise Wymer, UK CEO of The Simple Root states that the versatility of the brand’s unique ingredient base enables them to quickly follow the UK launch with a robust innovation pipeline of plant-based products, like desserts that offer the indulgence that consumers crave, but without dairy or nuts. ‘We can’t wait to launch this game changing range in the UK’, she added.

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