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Dutch Potato Processors Association VAVI appoints new director

February 10, 2022

The Dutch Association of Potato Processors (VAVI) appointed Andries Middag as its new director.

In his previous role as program manager for two regional Greenports, Middag, who has been working at the Dutch Agriculture and Horticulture Organization North (LTO Noord), focused on industry-oriented topics related to sustainability, innovation and economic issues.

Further expanding global position

Together with the members of the association, the new director will take a strong role to further expand the global position of the Dutch potato processing industry. He will focus on strategic themes in the field of sustainability, such as the climate and energy transition, environmental issues and biodiversity. ‘My love for the agricultural sector has grown further in recent years. Both the sector itself and the products that are grown and made play a role in this, as do the people, entrepreneurs who literally put a face to this top sector,’ says Middag.

Significant contribution

The VAVI board says to be pleased with this appointment. ‘With his knowledge and experience in the agricultural sector, Middag can make a significant contribution to the sustainable growth of the innovative and enterprising potato processing industry,’ emphasizes chairman Chris Deen, CEO of Aviko.

Actively involved

The VAVI represents the interests of the industry in the political hearts of the Netherlands (The Hague) and Europe (Brussels). The association is committed to creating a level playing field in Europe for all parties, and is actively involved as a member in the Dutch sector organization for arable farming (BO Akkerbouw), the European Potato Processors’ Association (EUPPA) and the Federation of the Dutch Food Industry (FNLI). The VAVI also coordinates on administrative levels with the Dutch Potato Organization (NAO) and the Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (LTO).


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