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The potato variety of the future is more resistant, sustainable and most of all robust

October 28, 2021

During the Potato Variety Days 2021 from November 3-5, breeding companies and seed potato trading houses present their most promising varieties.

Modern potato varieties form a solid foundation for the future of the potato chain. Thanks to constant innovation, every link within the potato chain can continue to develop and perform better and more efficiently.

High, multiple resistance

The dedicated teams of experts working on potato breeding aim to bring the best varieties to the potato chain. The current approach in breeding work differs per company. ‘One of our main breeding objectives over the next few years continues to be the development of varieties with high, multiple resistance to late blight (Phytophthora infestans). This will take our Next Generation range to the next level, with even stronger varieties, resulting in sustainable growth with less input’, Agrico tells us.

More weather extremes

Danespo mainly focuses on developing a broad range of varieties for cultivation all over the world, to contribute to feeding the earth’s ever-growing population. ‘This is not an easy matter, as the climate is changing rapidly and we experience more weather extremes’, the company states, referring to difficult situations where there is too much precipitation or too little water. Close cooperation with universities, such as the use of the state of the art RadiMax root research facility at the University of Copenhagen in the company’s research on improved drought resistance, ensures that the newest research techniques are combined with in-house breeding and market knowledge.

Sustainable variety package

In the breeding process, HZPC focuses on robust varieties with a high yield. ‘With this focus, we aim to have a positive impact on the entire value chain worldwide, from seed potato grower to consumer’, the company tells us. HZPC recently presented a selection of even more sustainable varieties with a lower impact on the environment: the Even Greener variety package. With an online calculator, users can determine which of five sustainable characteristics are most important to them, after which HZPC offers a potato variety that meets those wishes.

Respond to market demands

‘To create the potato variety of the future, it is important to respond to changes in the climate, the environment and the market’, states Meijer Potato. Developing a tasteful potato is a central part of the work of their team. ‘Today’s market demands robust, tasty and sustainable potatoes. A robust potato variety produces a high marketable yield in different soil types and climates, requires a low input of pesticides and fertilizers, is water efficient and easy to store’, they explain.

Special e-book

At the beginning of November, the abovementioned and other participating companies put the spotlight on their varieties of the future during the Potato Variety Days. You can read more about this event in our special e-book, including an up-to-date list of participating companies to plan your visit. If you, as a potato professional, would like to let us know what topic(s) you find most important when it comes to breeding the potato varieties of the future, don’t forget to write down your answer to this question when you fill in the form to download our free e-book!


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