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RMA-Techniek acquires digital French fry measuring instrument SolEye

September 17, 2021

Machine manufacturer RMA-Techniek will take over digital measuring instrument SolEye as of September 2021.

The digital measuring instrument SolEye, a product by former HZPC Holding subsidiary Solentum B.V., accurately and objectively assesses the colour of the cooking quality of French fries (e.g. in accordance with USDA standards).

Terminated business activities

Earlier this year, Dutch potato breeding and trading company HZPC Holding B.V. decided to terminate the business activities of its wholly owned subsidiary Solentum B.V. as of 1 May 2020, naming the slow development of digitization in the potato supply chain as an important reason to do so. Shortly after the decision was made public, it was announced that Solentum’s farmer-targeted SolGrader and SolAntenna had been acquired by Pessl Instruments GmbH from Austria, while Solentum’s website stated that SolEye would be “serviced by HZPC for current customers, while the company searches for a partner for further development of this product”.

Perfect fit

A partner has now been found in Dutch machine manufacturer RMA-Techniek, a company that has been developing quality inspection systems for the potato chain ever since 2006. ‘We are pleased to be able to add the SolEye to our product portfolio’, says RMA-Techniek director/founder Michel Remijn. ‘Our goal is to offer everything in the field of potato inspection and sampling. We have a complete range of machines for both manual and fully automatic assessments. The SolEye fits in perfectly with this’, Remijn adds.

Optimal service

HZPC is also pleased with the agreement. ‘We could not have found a better company to take over than RMA-Techniek. The company is familiar with the potato business and well known to existing and potential new customers worldwide. With RMA-Techniek’s knowledge of products and service, existing customers and relationships will be optimally served. Moreover, the use and development of the SolEye will be further expanded’, states Herman Verveld, Commercial Director at HZPC.


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