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Robotti deployed to plant potatoes for the very first time

April 16, 2021

The first potatoes for the PotatoEurope harvesting demonstrations were planted with the autonomous implement carrier Robotti.

It is the first time that potatoes have been planted with the Agrointelli Robotti, an autonomous implement carrier that can independently perform various agricultural tasks. ‘We are very proud of this absolute first, planting potatoes aided by a Robotti robot for the very first time. During PotatoEurope 2021 in September, the Robotti will also harvest these potatoes’, said Kuno Jacobs of organiser DLG Benelux.

Robotisation project

The robot was responsible for pulling the Miedema CP 42 potato planter, a multipurpose 4-row cup planter. This first-of moment suits within the framework of the Robotisation project, a cooperation between Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Agrointelli and Dewulf, for which a part of the PotatoEurope demonstration plot has been reserved. After the Robotti had initiated the start of the first planting work on the potato demonstration fields of PotatoEurope 2021, the task was taken over by 4-row planters Ceres 440 from AVR, Miedema Structural 4000 from Dewulf and Grimme’s GB439. The planters were pulled by two showpieces of sponsor Case IH: Maxxum CVX 145 and Puma CVX 175.

Important step

The planting of the potatoes for the harvesting demonstrations is another important step in the preparations for the PotatoEurope event, to be held on September 1-2 at the location of WUR Field Crops in Lelystad. PotatoEurope is an international event exclusively dedicated to the entire potato industry chain and takes place each year, in one of the event’s four partner countries: Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands. This year the organisation expects to welcome more than 275 exhibitors and about 16.000 visitors.


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