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Royal ZAP/Semagri announces Digital Potato Variety Exhibition

October 27, 2020

As November is just around the corner, the potato industry is getting ready for the Potato Variety Presentation Days in the Netherlands. In light of the ongoing pandemic, the plans for this annual happening currently differ per company.

Royal ZAP notes that personal contact, consultation and advice for the production of the potato as a basic food supply are crucial for the company. As the global COVID-19 pandemic hinders in person meetings, they have chosen to take new and existing clients “into the digital world of tomorrow” with their digital approach to organizing this year’s Potato Variety Days.

Targeted approach

With the digitization of the event, Royal ZAP wants to ensure their varieties are presented in an innovative way. This digital method also allows for a more specific and targeted approach, where participants only have to see the information they are looking for. “Products and/or varieties that are not applicable to their area can easily be skipped, so that every visitor is only provided with relevant information about our reliable varieties”, the company explains.


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