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Sencrop to accelerate digital revolution in agriculture with 18 million dollar funding

May 13, 2022

In a funding round led by JVP, Sencrop has raised 18 million dollar, with which it aims to accelerate the digital and environmental revolution in agriculture.

The French agritech company, focusing on precision farming through its agro-weather solutions based on micro-climate, recently announced an 18 million dollar Series B fundraising round led by leading international VC fund JVP, as part of the fund’s climate and foodtech initiative.

Data-driven precision app

With the information their data-driven precision app provides, the microclimate technology aims to enable farmers to make better decisions and reduce their crop risks, with a positive agro-environmental footprint. The crop-oriented vision of weather conditions, disease and pest risks, and irrigation needs, could for example optimise the use of inputs, by spraying only if the weather conditions are right or irrigating only if necessary, they explain.

Accelerate international expansion

The company indicates that this fundraising round will strengthen their leadership in its core markets, accelerate its international expansion towards North America, and consolidate its trajectory on its journey to becoming the world leader in ag-tech. Sencrop currently operates in over twenty countries, with headquarters in France and offices around Europe, and plans to open an extension in the International Foodtech Centre in the Galilee, Israel, with the new investment.

Reduce crop risks

Martin Ducroquet, co-founder and General Manager of Sencrop, emphasizes that the company’s mission is to democratise precision farming and reduce crop risks for farmers. ‘The fundraising, led by JVP, opens up new prospects for international acceleration that will be supported by new impact investors, specialising in climate-tech’, he adds.

Solutions to critical challenges

‘Our investment in Sencrop is part of our wider vision to invest in companies that provide ground-breaking solutions to the world’s most critical challenges’, attests Erel Margalit, JVP founder and Executive Chairman. ‘We are happy to join forces with Sencrop and support the team to bring its ground-breaking micro-climate technology to North America and the rest of the world markets’, he concludes.

Sencrop Network example
Sencrop Network example


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