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Survey finds potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable

June 01, 2023

A recent survey conducted by Potatoes USA finds that potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable for the 7th year in a row.

Potatoes USA, the national marketing and promotion board representing U.S. growers and importers, annually conducts its Consumer Attitudes and Usage online study, to gather insights on American consumers, evaluating their attitudes towards foods – potatoes in particular – and their dietary choices.

Weekly dish

The nationwide survey results show that 80 percent of Americans eat potatoes every week, with one third of them rating potatoes at least three times per week. At home, consumers are more likely to eat their potatoes mashed, baked, or roasted, while when dining out they are more likely to eat fries, hash browns, or potato chips.

Regional trends

When asking Americans about their favorite nutritious way to eat potatoes, the survey found America’s tastebuds for spuds varied by region. When Americans nationwide were asked their favorite nutritious way to eat potatoes, baked came in on top (41 percent), followed by mashed potatoes (17 percent). Taking a closer look at the data, some regional trends emerge (see infographic below). ‘As a dietitian I know the nutritional power the potato packs,’ says Bonnie Johnson, M.S., R.D., director of nutrition and industry relations at Potatoes USA. ‘I also know there are as many favorite potato dishes as there are Americans, and we loved seeing how people put the versatile potato to work in nutritious ways’, she adds.


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