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New potato varieties should present sustainable progress for consumer, grower and processor, says Interseed

October 25, 2022

In its breeding work, the main focus of Interseed Potatoes is to provide new improved varieties which are presenting a sustainable progress for the consumer, for the grower and for the processor.

Against the background of climate change we are looking for robust low-input varieties with the highest output’, the breeding company, specialized in the breeding of new varieties for processors of French fries and Chips, adds to this statement made when looking ahead at the Potato Variety Days 2022, taking place from November 9 to 11.

Profitable future potato production

Interseed continues to describe their aim in breeding work in greater detail: ‘Our goal is to provide the whole potato chain with new sustainable varieties with better yield, to guarantee a profitable potato production in the future. Consumers and processors of potato products expect future varieties with better characteristics, especially regarding requirements of fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, new varieties with better tolerance to drought and heat might be preferred in comparison with established varieties on the market which do not have these important advantages. Strong and robust potato varieties are highly necessary also under the new political framework and in times of climate change to provide the consumers with healthy potato products.’

Three new French fry varieties

In line with their goal, the company introduces three new varieties for processing to French fries. ‘These promising varieties are for sure an interesting progress in variety development for all partners in the potato chain. CHENOA has excellent QSR-characteristics from field and out of storage, which can be reached with a significant lower level of nitrogen in comparison to existing standards. ALANIS and MONTIS are also highly recommendable as QSR-French fries at a reduced nitrogen level. Furthermore the application of fungicides against Phytophthora infestans can be reduced significantly in ALANIS and MONTIS as well. The flesh color of MONTIS and CHENOA is more at the light-yellow to yellow side, ALANIS has a creamy white-light yellow flesh color. All three varieties are very convincing also under dry and hot conditions and also possess an excellent uptake of nutrients.’

Potato Variety Days 2022 e-book

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