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Textured potato protein may revolutionize plant-based products

March 25, 2022

Danish starch cooperative KMC has created textured potato protein that can be used as an ingredient in plant-based meat.

The innovation is part of KMC’s strategy to find new uses for potato-based ingredients, as it observes the plant-based market is on the rise and will grow significantly over the coming years. KMC believes that their newly created potato protein can revolutionize plant-based products.

Significant step towards plant-based future

‘As we have transformed extracted potato protein from a powder ingredient into a product with a structure very similar to meat, we have taken a significant step towards a plant-based future’, the cooperative says in its press release, adding that they can produce potato protein at a large scale. In 2022, KMC will be able to produce 300 tons of textured protein, and expects to scale the production significantly in the following years. While potato protein in itself has properties relevant for an ingredient in meat supplements, the company states its textured potato protein has high nutritional values, a meat-like structure and frying crust.

Drive transition from animal-based to plant-based

‘Textured potato protein has the properties that we know a lot of consumers look for when eating plant-based products. There is a huge potential in potato protein as a food ingredient. Our goal at KMC is to drive the transition from animal-based to plant-based ingredients. On this journey, we have made a real breakthrough towards better products for the consumer with this innovation’, says KMC-CEO Jesper Burgaard. ‘With our new product we can offer a climate friendly protein, produced by Danish potato farmers, to consumers across the globe. We strongly believe that textured potato protein will play a crucial part in the development of new plant-based solution to consumers worldwide,’ he concludes.


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