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Nationwide Produce and AH Worth potato partnership announced

August 25, 2022

UK produce company Nationwide Produce PLC announced its takeover of the complete marketing of AH Worth’s Potato Lovers, Chippies’ Choice and Baby Pearl brands.

With this partnership, the companies want to develop the marketing and distribution of AH Worth’s range of potatoes into non-retail outlets, including catering and wholesale.

Keep up with customer demand

AH Worth provides a range of fresh vegetables to retail, foodservice and wholesale and food manufacturing. ‘Potato Lovers (light, fluffy and firm in texture) and Chippies’ Choice (a true favorite amongst the fish and chip shop trade) have been in our stable for nearly 20 years. Our success with these brands is down to consistency and high quality, ensuring that end customers get exactly what they expect to get’, explains Senior Commercial Manager at AH Worth Giles Collett, adding that both brands need to be great all-rounders with a fantastic fry-color to keep up with customer demand. ‘One of the main reasons why we have linked arms with Nationwide Produce is their superb infrastructure with marketing, distribution and sales’, Collett states.

Tight-knit partnership

David Noton, Director of Nationwide Produce PLC explains his company has already been working closely with AH Worth for over 15 years. ‘AH Worth’s expertise in the growing and packing of potatoes is second to none. This coupled with our extensive sales and distribution network creates the perfect partnership’, he adds. Although the range of potatoes involved in the partnership is being marketed to Nationwide Produce’s long-established customer base, the final customers will ultimately be chefs. ‘This is where the partnership will remain tight-knit to ensure all marketing and social media content is targeted at driving demand from the end consumer’, the company clarifies.


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