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As the publisher of leading industry magazines PotatoWorld and Aardappelwereld magazine, Aardappelwereld BV also publishes knowledge-enhancing books focusing on the potato.

During the annual Potato Variety Presentation Days, this year scheduled to take place on November 4, 5 and 6, trading company Agroplant invites people to meet the family as well as the company’s potato varieties during their Potato Days.

Every year in November, various companies take part in the Potato Variety Presentation Days in the Netherlands. As part of this year’s event, potato breeder HZPC organizes its Potato Days Live on Wednesday November 4th. In a world strongly subject to change, the company’s partners will be able to get connected by digitally joining the event.

The Potato Handbook, richly illustrated with over a thousand photos and many hundreds of diagrams and graphs, comprises a total of five fully elaborated chapters divided into clear paragraphs and is provided with an index.

In the context of the annual Potato Variety Presentation Days, this year taking place on November 4, 5 and 6, The Potato Company bv (TPC) will organize its Potato Show both in person and online. The addition of online segments has been made because of the situation and measures regarding COVID-19.

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