Quality is always necessary

images magazine news 2012 maart jaap122011 sIn the free potato market, the price for potatoes was much lower in Europe than last year.


Flailing and ploughing Chinese radish

images magazine news 2012 maart chinpw12012 sLast summer, the  consumption grower Tonnie van Peperstraten in Oude Tonge sowed Chinese radish…


Finding your way

Jaap DellemanAnyone who regularly frequents Fruit Logistica in Berlin must have noticed that the potato segment is expanding. (more…)

ESPG argues for acceptance of seed potato tests

images magazine news 2012 maart hiddema sJust imagine that you are a Belgian seed potato grower and you export a batch of potatoes to another EU country.




‘It is high time to start thinking differently’

Herman Verveld‘At HZPC, we’ve long been pondering the question of how we, as the potato branch, can change the long-term traditional image potatoes have had into a more progressive one. (more…)

Packed Agritechnica full of innovations

images magazine news 2012 maart agritechnica logo 3410 3410Expectations were high and were satisfied. Agritechnica, the world’s largest agricultural mechanisation show


PotatoWorldvision: Quality from own soil pays off

Gerrit OomenTable potatoes come in different varieties and can be supplied in a range of splendid packagings. (more…)

Stammen’s quality table potatoes all year round

images magazine news 2012 maart stammen112011 sTogether with his son Christoph (25), Heinz Stammen (60) grows 170 hectares of table potatoes in the German town…


RUCIP 2012 in force

images magazine news 2012 juni rucip sThe international RUCIP Rules and Practices (RUCIP Rules and Practices with accompanying Rules for Expert Assessment and for Arbitration) have been drastically amended. (more…)

TTI Green Genetics looks ahead

images magazine news 2012 maart tti s

A TTI Green Genetics network meeting was held in Nieuwegein (NL) recently. Plant breeders and associates from the business sector…


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