Official start Dutch 2g@there program GITAH

Dewulf RA2060 potato harvesterFrom March 15th till 18th the yearly potato show “Fiesta de la Papa” was held in the town Otamendi in the southeast of Argentina.



Carbon dioxide

images magazine news 2012 maart ahaverkort sCarbon dioxide is a molecule that consists of one atom of carbon (C) and two atoms of oxygen (O), hence CO2.


18 promising French fries varieties for the world

images magazine news 2012 juni rassen sIt is quite logical that, when asked ‘What is the most promising French fries variety for the future?’, all Dutch breeders came up with the most fantastic varieties.



Potatoworld dish

images magazine news 2012 maart gerecht122011 sAmuse-bouche of potato and mackerel with mustard cream and chopped almond.





Fruit Logistica: World Network

images magazine news 2012 juni fruitlogistica sFruit Logistica is an ideal trade show for networking and is relevant for anyone trading in potatoes, vegetables and fruit on an international level. (more…)

Meijer plans to keep expanding

images magazine news 2012 maart meijer122011 sC. Meijer BV from Rilland has recently opened a new office building. The breeding station and seed  sales are therefore based at the same location.


English grower goes Dutch

images magazine news 2012 juni english sIn North Yorkshire (England), Stuart Tweddle grows 36 hectares of crisp potatoes of the Saturna variety. (more…)

Trials with alternative soil decontamination

images magazine news 2012 maart grond110211 sThe Frank and Anton de Schutter Partnership in Vierhuizen flooded a plot of  farmland of 30 hectares in September.


Cultivation of Scottish seed potatoes revealed

images magazine news 2012 juni scottish sSteadily humming, a Massey Fergusson 6480 with in its tracks a two-row Standen-Pierson is climbing along the slope of the Firth of Tay. (more…)

WPC programme is shaping up

images magazine news 2012 maart wpc012012 sFrom 27 to 30 May 2012, the international World Potato Congress (WPC) will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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