The world of potato research: Diploids

Anton HaverkortWell over thirty years ago when I worked for the International Potato Center at the national potato improvement program in Rwanda we tried a then new technique: true potato seed. (more…)

“To be number 1 is important for the Chinese”

images magazine news 2012 maart fmwijdooge112011 sChina will not only be the biggest processor but also the biggest importer of French fries if we are not careful. Fast food is immensely popular.


Scottish Angus beef and potato stovie.

 images magazine news 2012 juni gerecht sThe Scots are very fond of ‘stovies’, stews from leftover potatoes. (more…)

Export plus knowledge is trade

images magazine news 2012 maart hgoos112011 sThe first course of the Potato Business School Emmeloord  (PBSE) was held in the last week of September.



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