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Organically and conventionally-grown potatoes brought togetherin BioImpuls

February 2024

For more than half her working life, Professor Edith Lammerts van Bueren has been active in the world of organic potato research and breeding. As Senior Plant Breeding Researcher at the Louis Bolk Institute in Driebergen, she has tried, right from the start of her career, to work as much as possible in a wide range of domains by bringing together cultivation, trade and research. She regards herself a real bridge builder. In 2005, she was given the opportunity to press this quality home at the Wageningen University and Research Centre as Professor of the new Special Chair for Organic Plant Breeding. She succeeded in combining conventional and organic potato growing in the BioImpuls Potato Breeding course. This year, the project even brought her national acclaim when, together with organic potato breeders Niek and Michiel Vos, she carried off the title of ‘Hero of the Taste 2012’ [Held van de Smaak 2012].

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