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‘Our customers want total solutions: from the field to the supermarket’

January 2024

When colours are fading, it’s time for a fresh layer of paint. This doesn’t only apply to the interior but also to the exterior of a building. In a figurative sense, it also applies to the activities of an entrepreneur. The exterior of the APH Group in Heerenveen has been green for a long time because they export chiefly machinery and equipment for the primary sector. The paint has faded over the years as a result of the expansion of activities such as the supply of complete packaging lines for more industrial applications. So it’s not only time for a fresh layer of paint, but also for a few extra colours. As of recently, APH green is again highlighting the ‘farmers’ branch, and the added ‘grey/stainless steel with touches of red’ symbolises their recent industrial activities. Director Michiel Eilander is responsible for the new department. That’s why we have a few colourful questions for him about the who, what, how and why of APH Group Engineering.

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